Fairy Tail Funny Texts

Fairy Tail Funny Texts

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Skie the Pancake By -Skie_Dragneel- Completed

I do not own Fairy Tail!!! I wrote this book for entertainment, so please don't hate on me -3- The ships I ship are: NaLu, Gruvia, GaLe, Cappy, ElfGreen, Miraxus, Kinabra, Jerza, RoWen, StingYu and Cacchus. Oh and Carza (ErzaXCake XD)

(Also, I was too lazy to go back and update my username, so this still has my old username, haha XD)

Copyright notice: I do not own Fairy Tail (Hiro Mashima does)!

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XxkawaiijenniXx XxkawaiijenniXx Jul 08, 2017
NOOO!!!!!! THE WORLD IS GONNA END!!!!!!!! ;-; NOOOO!!!!!!!! POOR LU-CHAN!!!!!! WHY NATSU! WHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is a chibi anime guy and raises hand I dont hate her either even tho my sister must want to kill me coz she hates Lisanna
NaLi was cute when they were itty bitty kids and Lis still deserves respect
Tori_Types Tori_Types Jul 27, 2017
im sorry author-chan it must have been hard to write that, i am one of te elite nalu shippers and i killed me to read
Black_pusion Black_pusion Jun 24, 2017
I prefer Nalu! But I don't hate Lissana.  I feel awful whenever I encounter Nali moments 😢
Lucy13Heartfilia Lucy13Heartfilia Nov 13, 2017
I stay cool even though I ship Nalu, this is your book so you write whatever you want.