She's My Princess {Nalu Fanfic}

She's My Princess {Nalu Fanfic}

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Yet another Nalu story by yours truly! 
I hope you enjoy it!

Lucy Heartfilia had a normal life, for a Princess. Everything in the kingdom of Magnolia was calm and peaceful. But one day, the Fire Nation attacked!

Just kidding! Actually, a dragon attempted to destroy the castle but failed. The dragon was injured and crash landed in the forest. Lucy just happened to be near the forest and followed the loud noise. You may have thought she found the dragon, but instead, she found a man. She helped with his wounds and some things happened. What you may ask? Well you gotta read it of course you silly goose (:


mkbrio mkbrio Jul 05
No one should ever say "what could go wrong." 
                              There just asking for the world to mess them up
Me: And ladies and gents thank you for waiting, the mysterious man is...
                              *drums play*
                              ...the handsome, sexy, beautiful, hot, kind, dense, fu-
                              Audience: Okok we get it!!!
                              Me: *ahem* sorry... I mean the man was....
                              .... Natsu!
                              *cheers and claps*
I'm surprised that nobody has commented on this screaming........
Guys she didn't jinx anything, she's meeting her soul mate remember?
*in head* please be Natsu please be Natsu please be Natsu please be Natsu please be Natsu!😘
Mika_Sasuki Mika_Sasuki Aug 31
Seriously? Nobody but be is worried that the wounds are getting infected? No? Just me? Ok