The Fourth Time. ----   Amanda (Amandaschronicles) X Reader *HIATUS*

The Fourth Time. ---- Amanda (Amandaschronicles) X Reader *HIATUS*

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c a d e n By snylerrjoseph Updated Jun 22, 2016

So I'm a basic bitch, and searched for Amanda X Reader fictions. To my disappointment, there were none. So, I've decided that I can create my own.  For any of you who have been looking for these, your time has finally come. I will say, this is a gay story- Amanda is gay, and I thought I would let that ring throughout the story. I hope you enjoy.

lauryn__x lauryn__x Sep 25, 2016
Ahhh ok amanda claims that she's gay and not lesbian but that's ok u might have not known that lol
iwatobi_gays iwatobi_gays Aug 13, 2016
i think i'm bi, but i have the biggest crush on this glorious genderqueer person so i dunno. they're the only one that i know i've had a crush on. but my sister is pan tho
ImAFuckingToaster ImAFuckingToaster Apr 21, 2016
Flannel on flannel, what a fashion statement! 👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯
afskaha afskaha Jul 28, 2016
I don't know what I am but I think I'm this. (I am crazy and don't know don't judge me)
Daniella3121 Daniella3121 Oct 06, 2016
Same tho I remember the first pan I fell in love with it was Sterling Silver