A Miraculous Love Story #Wattys2016

A Miraculous Love Story #Wattys2016

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The squeal to A Miraculous Love

Any who 

Adrien comes back to Paris and Marinette now owns the bakery. She also is a makes dresses and clothes for most famous people. Adrien is a famous model and can't walk the streets without being flashed by cameras
But they make it work

But Hawk Moth is hurting their lives as superheroes. 
(Also they are:
Marinette: 20
Adrien: 21)

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- - Apr 14, 2017
I just looked at the chapter names and one specifically caught my attention... 'Death of Chat Noir'... WTF!!!!!!!! YOU KILL OFF CHAT NOIR!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!? *dies of heartbreak* 😭😭
heso_heso heso_heso May 01, 2017
The chapter names are so savage but I wonder what actually happens like wtf death of chat Norris then rise of chat noir
I'm glad i only found the first book today. i did not have to wait for this. ;)
LovetaleFrisk LovetaleFrisk Nov 06, 2017
omg... not a singer akuma...
                              fucc he must be bad a singing-
                              like really bad-
                              even worse than my mom
XxNerdycookiezxX XxNerdycookiezxX Dec 23, 2017
I just imagined her whole routine of purifying the akuma, but instead of yelling miraculous Ladybug she yelled "oh dang"😂😂😂😂😂
shortquintero shortquintero Aug 08, 2016
Ugghh  urghh stupid akumas gotta ruin everything.... Even DA MOMENT