A Miraculous Love Story #Wattys2016

A Miraculous Love Story #Wattys2016

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The squeal to A Miraculous Love

Any who 

Adrien comes back to Paris and Marinette now owns the bakery. She also is a makes dresses and clothes for most famous people. Adrien is a famous model and can't walk the streets without being flashed by cameras
But they make it work

But Hawk Moth is hurting their lives as superheroes. 
(Also they are:
Marinette: 20
Adrien: 21)

chatismybae chatismybae Mar 27
I love how you call it "the dirty" cause the way I hear it in my head is so funny. You rock!
ImJustAmx ImJustAmx Apr 02
They went 'into' her bed. Did they fall through it or somethin??
Nada1253 Nada1253 May 06
Please can you guys read my miraculous fanfiction? It is called Miraculous tales of the two
KuroNeko414 KuroNeko414 Oct 01
I'm going on patrol on my favorite Chat Noir jumpimg ob the roofs! Miraculous!
Stormi_York Stormi_York Apr 14
Why did I imagine Adrien winking while saying that to Nino and Alya.... Lol
KuroNeko414 KuroNeko414 Oct 01
Ooooh DJWifi got dirty!!! I'm tellin the fandom!(make it sound like Chloe)