MineCraft Diaries/MS/etc. X Reader Oneshots

MineCraft Diaries/MS/etc. X Reader Oneshots

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CookieNookieNinja By SuperCookieNinja Updated Oct 29, 2017

Just one shots! ^^ 

I don't take requests, sorry. I might make a A/N about taking a few, but it might be rare. I just want to have some fun making these at my own pace and having ideas on one at a time :D

Edit: 1K! ^u^ Thank you! ! !

2nd Edit: Now at 2k! XD A lemon chapter (the first lemon chapter) is now out hUEHEHE-

3k Edit! : Chapter is published! ^_^ Yaoi love is best love. 

4K edit! : Chapter is coming REALLY SOON. 

5K Edit!: Chapter is coming. 

6K Edit!: Chapter is coming.

7K Edit! : Chapter is coming.

8K Edit!: Chapter is coming.

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AngelisBackBaby AngelisBackBaby Jun 12, 2017
TBH that wasn't even a Garroth x Reader but it was long and good 
                              But I didn't cry accept for when Garroth was being an ass and didn't notice Luna's feelings (my character$
Rueana_Paige_Black Rueana_Paige_Black Oct 09, 2017
I can't cry... I lost that ability about last summer or the summer before when my Abuela died...
filipinapearl- filipinapearl- May 04, 2017
All she wanted was a purpose.But they didn't notice?.My Irene
KaydenceAlisha KaydenceAlisha Dec 18, 2016
How could I tell him I love ❤️ him when he was so happy with some other girl
Warrior-Senpai Warrior-Senpai Nov 29, 2016
GAHH! I'm in tears right now. 😭 this was the best fanfic I've every read! 10/10!
Fujoshi_Shipper2017 Fujoshi_Shipper2017 Oct 16, 2016
I balled my eyes out I can barely see I just know my computer by heart