Our Love Will Last Till The End [C.R. x Reader]

Our Love Will Last Till The End [C.R. x Reader]

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[i was thirteen when i wrote this lmao. my writing has changed so much since then.]

PG-13 FOR THE FOLLOWING ; language & mild humor

You are starting a new school year and trying to forget exactly why you moved somewhere else. Then, you realize that Chandler Riggs is at the same school as you! You know who he is because your whole family is obsessed with that show. Your twin brother becomes best "bros" with him and Chandler starts to hang out with you and you realize that you might actually have feelings for him.

*I have edited all of the chapters. if there are still any mistakes , please pm or write on my wall. I won't mind , I love when people help me out*

(1.His girlfriend, Brianna Maphis, will be in this book and her and Chandler will be a thing for a little while. I don't have ANYTHING against his girlfriends , he should be allowed to love anyone he wants.[But if anyone hurts him, they will be sorry] 2. You will be first dating Austin Abrams (Ron) for a little so bear with me. You will date Chandler shortly after, I PROMISE)

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daddysahna daddysahna Jul 10
Latina struggle I look like my friend Alex he is a boy my boyfriend got jealous of him
My best friend is named Alex and all my other friends say Me and him should be twins
Bittch if you say shît like that, the whole freaking world could just like combust
Ded_Potato Ded_Potato Jul 28
Band tees, flannels, skinny jeans, and sneakers. And I never take off my butterfly ring
My group consists of a bunch of dirty minded 8th graders and I'm a 7th grader
My group is just me. 
                              I'm still lonely ASF at my school after a whole year. 
                              What else is knew :/