Kuroko the Demon Hunter

Kuroko the Demon Hunter

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I have no idea what to name this story so . . . Yeah let's go with that.

Kuroko gets a demon like everyone else in his  family and he is badass and fights corrupted demons with his demon sidekick/weapon. What will happen when his basketball team finds out?

what am I doing?! \(>~<)/ I suck at summaries.

Note: This is actually a serious book I made. I worked hard on it and I would appreciate it if you took the time to read it! 

Other Note: Having finished this book, my plans went a totally different direction and Kuroko isn't actually that badass. Sorry if you were expecting that but it didn't turn out that way. 
I don't own Kuroko no Basuke. 

Oh right, this is AkaKuro. And there's cursing. You have been warned.

Why can't we do this kind of things in real life? I wonder how much more fun will there be?
1_STATIC_1 1_STATIC_1 Nov 08
When it said summon ships I was like  " I have to make room I have to many "
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Sep 21
.....Cool~ summon ships?!!! I wish I can summon ships... And I also love throwing knives~ and storms, dude!