My secret: Akashi Seijuro x Reader [editing]

My secret: Akashi Seijuro x Reader [editing]

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Disclaimer of Akashi Seijuro or kuroke's basketball. Some of the scenes of KnB may  be here and I do own of mine plot too.  Might be OOC. 

Akashi Seijuro is my freaking bae, omg. I need help. He's like my number one bae and tie with Kaneki Ken. Ahaha, I hope you enjoy this story! :)

This is a reader x Akashi. :) hehehe. I hope you know the signs for it like (y/n)= your name. 

The red hair boy with heterochromia is a lovable teenager... He lives with his wealthy family. Goes to Rakuzan High school and is the captain of the basketball team.  
You didn't want to transfer at freshman year, but your parents made you stay at your old school.  But now you have no choice because you have to look after your brother because your parents are going to America. Your brother already transferred to Rakuzan High School when he started freshman year, now a sophomore. You have a passion for basketball and seems like Rakuzan doesn't have a girls basketball due to no one joining.... Does this mean that you're going to be joining the boy's basketball team.... Even to hide your gender? Why not?

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Suya-chan what ever you see about me i mean her,  dont fall inlove
Akashi: seems pointless, but i guess winning is everything to me.  Watch me win
                              Me: wha----
                              Akashi:  you see me shoot, shoot
                              Me: wai---
                              Akashi:watch me win, win 
                              Me:wait just a minut---
                              Akashi: WATCH ME WIN!! AND SEE ME SHOOT, SHOOT!!  //dancing the nei nei //
                              Me: da faq?!
VTJimin VTJimin Oct 10, 2016
That's what I said when I left my country.....look at me now!
DinaIndahsari DinaIndahsari Oct 30, 2016
Obi from akagami is tired being zen's close aids, so he tried to act here bruh
MelanieTabora MelanieTabora Aug 18, 2016
But didn't he go back to his normal self after Rakuzan lost against Seirin?
tenshi_s tenshi_s Feb 24, 2016
This story is interesting.. it is different from the other Akashi fafictios that I had read before. Waiting for the next update