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Peter Parker/Tom Holland imagines! by UnicornAllyssa
Peter Parker/Tom Holland imagines!by LittlenerdAllyssa<3
Basically the title. Warning: could be cringey, probably lots of fluff. Comment if you have any suggestions. Or PM. If I don't reply. That's because I have to resend my...
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Surprise?... by wannabe224
Surprise? Momo
BamBam knew he was a little, but he never EVER allowed himself to go out and buy anything that would help him cope when in that mindset... Which becomes a problem when...
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Kuroko the Demon Hunter by kitty_cat_7
Kuroko the Demon Hunterby BYE
I have no idea what to name this story so . . . Yeah let's go with that. Kuroko gets a demon like everyone else in his family and he is badass and fights corrupted demo...
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A New Start | Yoonkook by baby_koo_
A New Start | Yoonkookby ᴋᴏᴏ♡
Yoongi is a transfer teacher at Jungkook's school, creating an opportunity for a new start ~Teacher x Student ~Top!Yoongi ~Bottom!Kook ~Little Space ~Mature Content ~En...
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Spiderson and Irondad oneshots/Superfamily by Tears-of-Silk
Spiderson and Irondad oneshots/ L0af öf melk
Peter Parker is one of the most loved characters of the MCU, and when he is thrown into the mix with THE Tony Stark and the other avengers, what will happen? This one sh...
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{Hazbin Hotel} Alastor x Angel Dust oneshots?  by StrikeyCarnation126
{Hazbin Hotel} Alastor x Angel Darwin is a lover
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NamJin |×| His Mother's Approval by heyiluvbts
NamJin |×| His Mother's Approvalby heyo, i luv bts
"You will NEVER marry my son... You're just another bitch he brought home." "SHUT UP!"
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Born Broken (a naruto fanfic) by MiecoDeecy
Born Broken (a naruto fanfic)by
"In the ninja world, you dont need emotions" Thats what they say, but the truth is, you just dont want them. It hurts too much. The world is a dangerous place...
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Challenge (dark smut warning) by TetsuoEnma
Challenge (dark smut warning)by ファック
Aren't they lovely? Just wait. #Top Rankings #2 in saimatsu #1 in shuichixkaede #11 in Akamatsu #4 in maybeangst #54 in shuichi #32 in saihara
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Campe Diem! | Camp Camp Oneshots by Flutterbolt667
Campe Diem! | Camp Camp Oneshotsby FlutterFreely
(Requests: Closed) Hello! Welcome to this mess- I mean, book of oneshots! Have a ship you want to see? Or a scenario you've wanted to see some characters be in? Well, h...
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Treebros oneshots by thehandsomestboi65
Treebros oneshotsby Uwoof
There isn't much of these. Happy boi hours, sad boi hours, lust boi hours just a lot of boi hours with tree bros >w<
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Enemies with Benefits (Jamilton) by yournearest_trashcan
Enemies with Benefits (Jamilton)by yournearest_trashcan
Before they were enemies Then they became enemies with benefits Possible friends with benefits? Lovers? Maybe...
JJBA Oneshots by KoolKat42
JJBA Oneshotsby Birdmaster
This is going to be a book of oneshots for jojo's bizarre adventure. If I can actually be a good writer, then maybe I would be able to update every once in a while (oof)...
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lost ; trixya high school au by n0t-t0day-satan
lost ; trixya high school auby via
Hi friends! Since this is my first fic, I'm sorry if this sucks. AGAIN, I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism, but hate or spam will not be tolerate...
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 Strangers and Sacronis // Dabi x Hawks // Fantasy Au // by Brimstone_and_Roses
Strangers and Sacronis // Dabi ᴅᴏᴜʙʟᴇ
Throughout his life, the young Prince was trained relentlessly by his father to become the next ruler of the Kingdom. He was forced each and every day to train and push...
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Stars (pinescone) by Ravdra_icee_claw
Stars (pinescone)by Ravdra_Ice_Claw
Wirt moves to Gravity Falls
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BTS's Baby? »« BTS ff by btsjintaellect
BTS's Baby? »« BTS ffby 엠마하싼
What if all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a baby pops into Bangtan's bustling, busy life? How do these seven men handle a baby being basically dropped onto their doorstep...
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Coffee After Noon||Yoonmin by hoESuck_mycock
Coffee After Noon||Yoonminby D a y d r e a m i n g
When average-lifed Jimin shows up at a coffee shop after a long day, he runs into a charismatic barista that catches his attention. Will all be well and healthy, or will...
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seasick || amasai ✈ by Causere
seasick || amasai ✈by pumuru
Do you ever find yourself crushing on a green-haired surfer dude from California? ✈ (non-despair!au)
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A Thousand Times Over (Bunny [South Park]) by Flutterbolt667
A Thousand Times Over (Bunny [ FlutterFreely
Butters had a falling out with the main four and hasn't spoken to them for years. Kenny is the only one out of them he can still stand. (Probably due to the fact Kenny h...
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