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Dasher By SirDashYandere Updated Nov 01


That's all there is. 

Nothing more, nothing less. It's just a blurred memory that can't be change or returned to, For Rainbow Dash's opinion.

After being winded up in an accident 3 years ago, lost some of her past memories and being cheated by her boyfriend, Chase, seems like Rainbow Dash isn't comfortable of falling in love again cause she'll always get hurt or loose her memories again.

Yet, what about Soarin Skies? The new guy, the obvious dork, and also encountered the same accident as Dash 3 years ago.

Fate knows that they've been in love with each other from their previous life, but it's terrible that they lost each other and never knew one another.

Until now.

Encounter a story full of love, ridiculousness, sacrifices and selflessness.

"I think YOU maybe the reason why I'm still alive even though that accident is brutal. YOU and I are always made for each other, and I won't let YOU go."
-Soarin Skies

You'll understand what love is, even though you are bitter, you're free to read this story!

(Story cover by SirDashieYandere)

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And I was wondering how Sunset knew it but when I read this I was laughing to death XD
KeishaBerry KeishaBerry Apr 13
FTJerza168 FTJerza168 Sep 18
It isn't hope to die it's "cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye
I started putting emojis in my stories recently... 😶 I have no clue why, though... 😂😂😂