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"ωє ѕтяιкє αи∂ ѕтяιкє αgαιи, νι¢тσяу ιѕ αℓℓ тнє мαттєяѕ" 

"We need to stay strong! Dont show weaknesss to the Enemies!!!!!!" SHE YELLS. 

Wars rampaged in equestria, No peace. No mercy. No peace. No mercy. 

Ever since the fallout of the crystal empire some surrendered to king sombra and turned into one of his slaves or minions; Some were caught, some survied, some STRIVED! 

And one of those groups whom were still out there are none other than the wonderbolts.But this time some recruits joined in were not just Pegasi..

Rainbow dash was their captain or chief. Why? Because she was the one who gathered all the survivors and helped them Survived. 

But that was many years ago. 

Years pass more groups arrived and trained hard.Dash however makes sures that her team dosent get caught or attacked. They killed those guards who tried to take them. And that was it... Attack, survive, protect, hunt, plan and again! 

But then 3 colts joined the recruit and those were wave chill, thunderlane, and soarin skies. 

Soarin was a kind hearted, strong colt who survived with his friends. When they joined the team he meets the chief of them all! Soarin couldnt get his eyes of her. There was something about her that bothers him so much! 

The fun and DANGER continues there....

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