You Wish (a SoarinDash) {COMPLETED}

You Wish (a SoarinDash) {COMPLETED}

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The New celebrity "Trouble maker", Soarin Skies comes to town, It Doesn't look good for Rainbow Dash. Multiple troubling events start to happen and and is all because of Mr. Hotshot, Soarin. Dash is just the one girl who he can't get to like him and trust me, he plans to get her to like matter what happenends. 

The building of the relation ship and love on my Personal favorite ship, SoarinDash. 

Oh ya!

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HeartStrings_Wanna HeartStrings_Wanna Oct 08, 2017
This is what a rainbow dash would act and say . This story is more realistic than other soarindash fanfics .
If someone I don't know kissed me just like that, I'd be like *rub my forehead straight away* "Aahhhhhh! Personal space!😭😭😭 Leave me alone! What do you want from me!?"
expressopatronum- expressopatronum- Jun 18, 2017
Rainbow Dash: GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME *stomps on Soarin's foot*
xfleetfootx xfleetfootx Dec 05, 2016
'he was my dunb neighbour After all' ...😐 could you rrpat that?...He was MY~ neighbour After all 😏 ...ehm*chuckles* wow Dashie already?*sigh* young love XD
xfleetfootx xfleetfootx Dec 05, 2016
Dash,did you notice or yk thought that Maybe He's gay?I mean I'm not saying *nervous laugh* that he-...He's gay.*makes a serious face*
xfleetfootx xfleetfootx Dec 05, 2016
I'm sorry had to heard that but it's True i mean on a forehead! FOREHEAD!Who does that?!