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What the Fudge Bodyguard (Once-ler x Reader){Haylo}

What the Fudge Bodyguard (Once-ler x Reader){Haylo}

29.1K Reads 578 Votes 10 Part Story
WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB By x_ShittyOldPistola_x Completed

Once-ler!xShort!Tempermental!Reader! The Once-ler makes his way to the valley with truffulas, barbaloots, swarmie swans, and humming fish, only to later meet a mysterious character. The Lorax, and a strange girl who is to be his bodyguard. She doesn't say much, but when she does, it completely captivates adorable Oncie. That, or it completely teriffies him, seeing as she has a bit of an issue with her anger. Oncie learns he is going to have to live with it, not that he doesn't mind, amd he feels his life is going to have drastic changes very soon. It starts out with the normal Lorax stroy, but then it turns into something I created. I do realize it says swarmie isntead of swommie swans. That's how my uncle used to say it, and my autocorrect wouldn't let me say swommie.

I slap my best friend easily when he flicks my head well flicked since we're out of school
*Music starts*
                              How ba-a-a-ad 
                              Can I be?
                              I'm just doing what comes naturally
                              How ba-a-a-ad 
                              Can I be?
                              How bad can I possibly be?
50-Shades-Of-Mika 50-Shades-Of-Mika Jul 21, 2016
Kinda reminds me of Taiga from toradora (I've only watched one episode though XD)
yandereforthebooty yandereforthebooty Mar 15, 2016
Everyone is here like that's me while when I look at someone they look at me back and we stare for a while, I eat like a lady ( lie) and dink like one ( not a lie).
Racheli04 Racheli04 Feb 07, 2016
Exactly like me cause I don't eat REAL food just chips and candy.