5 lovers (Boyxboy)

5 lovers (Boyxboy)

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FANXYCHILD By AnimeChick0224 Updated Jan 05

When Connor moves to a new school, his average life vanishes quickly. He now has to choose between 5 different guys! 
Who will he choose?

(Cover made by Mini_pastel_waffle)

***Trigger warning! This book contains content that is triggering!***

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- - Apr 12, 2017
Wait how did he even manage to draw such a beautiful and detailed drawing in such little time!?!?!
EdenOkami EdenOkami Jan 16
                              I READ IT AS
                              "I was wondering if you wanted to join the host club" instead of ART CLUB
                              MY BRAIN NEEDS TO STOP IT
                              ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT OHSHC SMH.
Xalise64 Xalise64 Aug 31, 2017
"It my first day"? XD its like a retarded person saying that phrase XD I'm wheezing
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Jun 18, 2017
Maes Hughes 唐
                              ('Haze' made me think of 'Maes')
AmazingNinaIsOnFire AmazingNinaIsOnFire Jun 27, 2016
DRAW ME LIKE ONE OF YOUR FRENCH GIRLS! sorry... I ruined it didn't i?