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VAMPIREFANGSRULES By Vampirefangsrules Completed

Zack Benson is the CEO of a billionaire Corporation. Benson's young, intelligent and exceedingly good-looking that it's no wonder men despise him and women hurl themselves to his feet. The difficulty is he's too puerile, too indolent that it's as if the world revolves around him. Rather because the case was that he was born into the world of business, that he's never had to work to get to where he was for the reason that his Father took that spotlight. He wouldn't even know what hard-work was if it hit him in the face.

Claire Winter works under the Corporation tackling Marketing and Sales where she has been for last two years waiting for that significant spilt second she'd hear her name for promotion. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet but still perceives to encourage herself nonetheless. Confident and amiable woman she is, Claire finds herself colliding with Zack Benson.

However not that she knew that considering Benson has changed identity. 

One Bet.

Zack Benson wouldn't survive a day in a 'normal' life. 

Zack meet Claire. 
Claire meet Zack.

The possibility of Love is undeniable. These two just don't know it yet. 

Going undercover might just uncover more than what Zack had hoped. 

It's time he got taste of his own medicine in BOSS UNDERCOVER.

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Isn't it supposed to be 'course not'? It seems like he is right now.
I know right. Most of the time I'm a zombie when I wake up and couples are like happy. I don't get it.
Liking all comments Something is really wrong with Zack for taking a bet from his best friend Kyle like that
Liking all comments Hoping Zack doesn't make a fool of himself by making Claire fall for him then dumps her in the end
xox_kai_xox xox_kai_xox May 21
I honestly have no problem with the male character being a wh*re it's not like he told them he's gonna be their bf he was honest I'm sure from the start
MoonTears2 MoonTears2 Jun 16
Bruh, that maid is horrible at her job if she allowed someone to take her boss's house key just because he gave her some D