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Zack Benson is the CEO of a billionaire Corporation. Benson's young, intelligent and exceedingly good-looking that it's no wonder men despise him and women hurl themselves to his feet. The difficulty is he's too puerile, too indolent that it's as if the world revolves around him. Rather because the case was that he was born into the world of business, that he's never had to work to get to where he was for the reason that his Father took that spotlight. He wouldn't even know what hard-work was if it hit him in the face.

Claire Winter works under the Corporation tackling Marketing and Sales where she has been for last two years waiting for that significant spilt second she'd hear her name for promotion. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet but still perceives to encourage herself nonetheless. Confident and amiable woman she is, Claire finds herself colliding with Zack Benson.

However not that she knew that considering Benson has changed identity. 

One Bet.

Zack Benson wouldn't survive a day in a 'normal' life.  Wouldn't be able to cope with the tremendous pressure that he puts his employees through nor even manage to live a life away from the spotlight. 

Zack meet Claire. 
Claire meet Zack.

The possibility of Love is undeniable. These two just don't know it yet. 

Going undercover might just uncover more than what Zack had hoped. 

It's time he got taste of his own medicine in BOSS UNDERCOVER.

klaziqgirl klaziqgirl Jun 14, 2016
Is that a joke or he is serious??...well u better fire ur maid cos next time it wont be ur friend
AMaZingAK3 AMaZingAK3 Nov 20, 2016
You are an amazing author, can't wait to start reading 😊
The_Creative_Fire The_Creative_Fire Jun 13, 2016
Omggggg!  I loved this chapter!!  Way to go girl!  I love your writing!!!
anooshipie anooshipie Aug 14, 2016
Srsly! I would have gone for an island in Australia or I don't know a mansion in some beautiful place
JordanMT02 JordanMT02 Jul 22, 2016
I thought it said Matthew has a blunt in the food. Wtf is wrong with me
Juette_Curtina Juette_Curtina Jun 26, 2016
Seems like he heard my comment .. Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂