Alpha Sol's Keep

Alpha Sol's Keep

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When his presence was far enough, Sol stalked closer to her. Un noticing him, he laid on his stomach and continued to watch as she played about. How can such a little girl, be my mate? He asked himself confused. The goddess must be losing her mind.

She tripped over a sticking root and fell on her rumps as she let out a yelp. Sol quickly stood and was about to go over when she ended up laughing. His heart fluttered from the melody that sounded from her. She placed her hands on her hips and playfully glared at the butterflies, "That's right. Laugh it up, butterflies! I'm a big girl who doesn't cry. Hits a nerve doesn't it?!" She threw her head back and laughed again as she picked herself up.

Sol was in awe with this little girl. His little sassy mate.

She dusted herself off and spoke in a loving tone, "Nana always said big girls don't cry and angry girls don't go beating people up. Did you know?" She gasped as she continued to talk to the butterflies as her eyes twinkled, "Nana said I was going to meet someone special today!"

Sol growled in quick anger.

"Nana said it was Tommy," she whispered as she shyly looked in a daze making Sol even angrier. So without thought, he showed himself before her.

Mine, they both growled.

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So far i read 2 of ur books and they are great..keep it up💜💜
booklover22633 booklover22633 Aug 16, 2017
Your a great author there's a lot to be proud about. I love this book so far.
X_Carpe_Librum_X X_Carpe_Librum_X Jul 19, 2017
I feel your pain lol, I have 3 boys between the ages of 6 and very nearly 16.
have_to_dream have_to_dream Mar 30, 2017
..................(speechless) .........😶............. okay did thus happen before the beast or after? it took me time to remember that they were by the same auther 
                              Blood Rose pack..................
nanazine_ nanazine_ Jan 21
im confused. r u writing in third-person or first person view
have_to_dream have_to_dream Mar 30, 2017
what's a mate chase? sorry it looks obuvios but i never heard of it