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Death Herself By PandoraButler Completed

Kaneki Ken, has been kidnapped by Jason and is experiencing intense torture...but instead of enduring it someone comes to save unlikely candidate.

This individual saves him but at a really weird price. 

He will be taken to another dimension!

One completely different from everything he is used to AND IT WON'T EVEN BE JAPAN!
This is a Tokyo Ghoul and Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji crossover fanfiction.

It's not like they can help it... I mean, like, we kill cows and chickens to eat, so imagine what it's like to the poor cows and chickens!! People need to get there priorities together! Geez...
Kinaandmars Kinaandmars Jul 12
That question have so much fame
                              JUSTIN, YOU'LL BE CAREFULL! (or whoever with fame)
Kinaandmars Kinaandmars Jul 12
Why I forgot about it that is a crossover Tokyo~Shitsuji?
                              So much TG for now ^^
It's not their fault because they can only eat humans and coffee
Aww I wanted Kaneki to fight Jason get hurt when running away and Sebastian saves him
Your mind can be your safest place or your worst prison. When left to your thoughts anything can happen, the silence gets to you. It is maddening