Bad Boys

Bad Boys

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Jackie Lee By thelovesociety Completed

r e a d  nice guys b e f o r e  y o u  r e a d  t h i s.

nice guys finish last
but bad boys finish first
only because they're chased

# some high rank in  s h o r t s t o r y

negrophilia negrophilia Feb 21, 2016
yo this is great because one of the stories I've been working on since the summer has all of it's main characters as tropes (the rich girl, the jock, and the queen bee/slut) and I'm rewriting it as of now (it's KINKS) so might as well join this project!
KlMHYUNA KlMHYUNA Mar 19, 2016
I really want to write a story and support this movement tho!
might to this based off a song i like and people watching (i do a lot of that) haha
unbohlievable unbohlievable Oct 01, 2016
i wanna do this but then,,,, nah I'd probably give up half way
puzzling puzzling Mar 19, 2016
I just started a story called Fuckboys today, the people of society is tagged in it:)
allegrettos allegrettos Jan 24, 2016
hi :)) I just wanted to say that I love how you're addressing figures in society that are portrayed incorrectly in society. I wanted to do something as well, so I'll be posting a story similar to this one titled bad girls. thank you so much for writing such beautiful stories xx