I Summon You (18+) (ManxMan Supernatural story)

I Summon You (18+) (ManxMan Supernatural story)

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Master's_Pet By JMFelic Completed

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"Oh, Marcus, Marcus, Marcus..." the demon drawled.  "I don't like how you ignore me earlier you know."

"When have I ignored you?" Marcus felt his skin hairs raise when Heron grazed his lips on the plane of his neck.

"This lunch."

"I didn't!"

But then Heron's hand moved to pinch his nipples.  This ultimately made Marcus whimper, "ahh... Sir Heron!"

"I couldn't fucking fight this battle anymore, Marcus.  I'm done being patient."  His hands left the boy's shirt, traversing up and into Marcus' tensed face.  "Oh, how I love the way your lips quake Marcus.  Let's begin our training shall we?"

And with that, Heron closed the gap of their mouths for the first time.

~ ISY ~

Short Blurb:  With Marcus still deciding if he should pursue becoming an exorcist priest or not, he was left with an ancestral house to care for. He needs all the help he can get to clean the house spick-and-span and the demon general of Infernal Armies, Bael, posing as a human butler, Heron, is willing to help him do so.

However, surely enough, cleaning is not the only thing the demon wants to do the whole day...

~ ISY ~

Yes, you know it! This is a manxman short story.  Gosh, *blushes*

This is my first time creating a story in this genre, so yeah... its uncomfortable yet interestingly exciting!

Since most of my Sanctum readers ship Marcus and Heron (even though they are both male) and that they wanted a spin-off story of them, so here it is!


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YaniKucritwati YaniKucritwati Jul 01, 2017
Omg, you actually made a manxman story.. i love it. Make more please 😉
SecondMissZ SecondMissZ Feb 05, 2016
I have read all your story!!! Am waiting for I SUMMON YOU please can you start putting the story in wattpad? 
amrita_behera183 amrita_behera183 Jan 21, 2016
Thank u thank u thank u... i was waiting for dis story like since forever....
Actually me reading this book kinda weird cause am a girl anyways just curious