Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time - Ryden

Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time - Ryden

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It's been ten years. Ten fucking years since my band and I started this crazy journey with our first album, a fever you cant sweat out. A lot was different back then. I have a whole new band, a wife, and I haven't talked to Ryan or Jon in years.

But that last part will change tonight. Tonight, I am throwing a party to celebrate our ten years, and guess who my lovely wife invited? You guessed it. 

I guess I'll be getting drunk as fuck tonight.

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You don't know the half of the abuse... ALL MY FRENS ARE HEATHENS TAKE IT SLOW
Thanks for making us aware of that ryan we didn't know that *wink wink*
what did brent ever do to you ryan?? he stole money from a fan not you smh
Old Panic! songs? I wasn't aware that Brendon knew of their existence
ryanfucker ryanfucker Nov 29
'so many' pffffttt two, fob and panic! if you listen to tyv then you found out about them from panic!
ryanfucker ryanfucker Nov 29
it's not that i don't like hetero, i'm just not used to it in fanfic..