The Publicity Stunt - Ryden

The Publicity Stunt - Ryden

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Ryan Ross was a guitar player in a small band called Close Corners, and by small, he meant that they played sold out shows every night and toured the world. He was a shy guy, he only ever opened up to the people he was close to. He was sensitive and sweet, and none of the things Brendon Urie was.

Brendon was a fucking model. He had been on the cover of almost every magazine in the world, either for his amazingly handsome face or for a story about one of his outrageous parties. He was a Hollywood bad boy, and people latched on to him left and right. He went through boyfriends like he went through toilet paper.

I guess that's why the world pulled their attention to the two boys when They were spotted as a couple in a small club.  Everything kind of just blew up from there.

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fever_era_ryden fever_era_ryden 7 days ago
I hope this happens if I ever meet Brendon urie so that I can say that I puked on Brendon urie whenever someone says they’re embarrassed
cheez_whizzz cheez_whizzz Nov 19, 2017
LightHeartedRyden LightHeartedRyden Dec 31, 2017
*falls off od bed from laughing so hard* 
                              YEA YOU DESERVED IT BITCH!!!!
hollihere hollihere Oct 29, 2017
ok so if this is a sad fic then this is definitely gonna be a trigger word
MissJacksonkma MissJacksonkma Dec 31, 2017
Champagne, Cocaine, gasoline, and most things in between. (Just watch out for the tentacle monster)
skeletongirl37 skeletongirl37 an hour ago
I've been listening to Soul punk to much, I read that in Patrick Stump's voice