The Publicity Stunt - Ryden

The Publicity Stunt - Ryden

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Ryan Ross was a guitar player in a small band called Close Corners, and by small, he meant that they played sold out shows every night and toured the world. He was a shy guy, he only ever opened up to the people he was close to. He was sensitive and sweet, and none of the things Brendon Urie was.

Brendon was a fucking model. He had been on the cover of almost every magazine in the world, either for his amazingly handsome face or for a story about one of his outrageous parties. He was a Hollywood bad boy, and people latched on to him left and right. He went through boyfriends like he went through toilet paper.

I guess that's why the world pulled their attention to the two boys when They were spotted as a couple in a small club.  Everything kind of just blew up from there.

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_uhtceare _uhtceare Sep 28
so the lead singer is the cute one, and the guitar player is the quiet one? i'm smelling a connection to my favs
That’s moment when you ship petekey but you ain’t a dick and won’t trash someone else’s ship