Osomatsu x Reader x Karamatsu

Osomatsu x Reader x Karamatsu

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ʚ♡ɞ By ChidoriKitty Completed

• Requested by @AyakaLuigi5658 • 

Rating: PG-13 
Anime: Osomatsu-san

Angst, angst and more angst. Oh, and just a bit more before you hit the road.

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Slurp slurp those noodles. Be carful here Oso, I might spill some noodle juice on you
Legenia Legenia Dec 01
                              In this story, I'm faithful to only one with is Karamatsu
Yes!! A thousand time yes! *hugs him*
                              I'm your one and ONlY Karamatsu girl!!
                              (Danm I sound like a yandere)
Cringeyfan Cringeyfan Jun 11
If he thinks I look cute when I eat he has some weird kinks then
Kuzu-Trash Kuzu-Trash Dec 13, 2016
*leaves 'rn both for ichimatsu* hey bb~  I rather stay with you then with Mr. Angst's
Numberonebestfangurl Numberonebestfangurl Dec 05, 2016
Oh I thought it said he thru up his hands (barfed his hands out ) and I finally realized why he wanted y/n to feed him but then I read it again and was like " oh ok XD*