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An Era Of Zombies

An Era Of Zombies

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Elyse By Words4Lifeee Completed

The injection that would make you immortal they said, the injection that would make you a god. They offered the injection to anyone who could buy it. It was actually not too bad a price for something like this but still too much for many. The rich were injected, the royal family of the universe first and then about a fourth of Earth. After about an hour, you'll begin to feel the change and then after twelve hours, the human heart will be pumping with the zomtoxin from the injection and you will change. The people became zombies. Not the green eye bulging mindless zombies, these  were pure evil. Their eyes were blood red and they killed swiftly. The world is finally ending... Or maybe not.

VioletWolfx VioletWolfx May 31
This would be terrifying if it were real, having no one and watching the world end.
Tvlover2014 Tvlover2014 May 09
Now that I think about it, I thought dumb and slow zombies were bad 😶. Having smart and fast zombies lessen the chances of survival. I don't think I would be able to survive  with those types of zombies 💀
summerflint summerflint Feb 16, 2016
sweet book so far. if you could please be so kind as to read my new zombie apocalypse book called Heyworth. it's about a man named red and his struggle to survive in the new world. he meets many other survivors and make a group called heyworth. I post at least 2 chapters a day or more.
J-SenG J-SenG Feb 24, 2016
I knew it! I knew the Royal Family would turn and bite us all!