Who Are You Luka?(ZerefxLucy)

Who Are You Luka?(ZerefxLucy)

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~Luka POV~
'Why, why is she dead, she is not dead, this is an illusion!!!'I screamed in my mind. Lu-nee is not dead this is an illusion it has to be, I need answers from gramps and my cousins now. I couldn't wait for the dragons because I already have their keys,they could find me in the human world. So I opened a portal and went to the human world,to gramps guild "FAIRY TAIL."

~Time skip still Luka's POV~
I kicked the door open trying to find gramps or someone that knows where he is. So I went up to the silver bartender girl and told her where her master is. She said he was in his office the room to the left. So I walked over to the stairs and was suddenly stopped by a flash of pink. "Hey what do you want with gramps huh?!" the pinkette asked me with a questioning look and angry voice. I ignored him and walked up the stairs and entered gramps room."Who are you and what do you want?"he said with a questioning face.

           I took of my hoodie and walked up to his desk. "Luka....is...

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