Her Touch

Her Touch

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{ Another colab between @chello_8893 and myself! This isn't as fluffy as the first one!}

Levy P.O.V

The city was loud, as usual, but I didn't let the noise bother me as I made my way to the edge of town. There, there was a place that some looked at with fear, others with hate, and most with wonder. There, all manner of beings gathered to protect those who shyed away. It was a place called, Fairy Tail. We were mercenaries,  protectors and fighters. 

Everyone there was different, they weren't human.

From the master, Markarov, who was a powerful oni. Natsu, a dragon in human skin, Lucy, a golden spirit who had the power of the stars and Juvia, a water sprite who could make it rain for days or even grant the desert a tsunami. And then,  there's me. I wasn't a normal human, though most of my friends will surly out live me. I am what's known as a preternatural,  or a soulless depending on who you ask. My powers weren't like the others. A single touch from me to anyone who was once human,...

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Aqua_Sea_Chan Aqua_Sea_Chan Dec 29, 2017
Well, at first I thought of Black Butler, But then I realized it was Soul Eater.
JstMeGracie JstMeGracie Feb 25
This needs to become a Fairytail spinoff series/arc! This sounds awesome! 😆
When nastu feigns hurt I can just imagine him slowly putting a hand to his heart leaning back and doing a imaginary hair flip like, "how dare you think so lowly of me." 😂😂😂
Icestorm911 Icestorm911 Feb 07, 2017
Mirajane: demon soul
                              Elfman: beast soul
                              Lisanna: animal soul
Scarletred1990 Scarletred1990 Feb 04, 2017
Ummm... What does fluffy mean?... In this content that it is being used....
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