Countdown to You

Countdown to You

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{ Greetings my lovely leafs! This beauty is yet another collab between @chello_8893 and myself! This time she will be writing odd chapters, and I will be writing even. This first is her master piece! }

"Excuse me, miss, I'd like to check out these books please," I grinned, placing my books on the counter in front of my best friend.

"Gajeel, you aren't supposed to bug me at work," she scolded, though I could tell she was fighting a smile.

"I'm not," I said, "I came to check out some books."

She raised an eyebrow at me before sighing. "Why do you even want books on the countdown clocks anyways?"

I shrugged, trying to sound bored as I replied. "Just doing some research for a class."

"So, how many days left on yours?" She asked, quietly, as she took my student ID and scanned the books for me.

"Hard to tell," I lied, looking at the inside of my wrist. Countdown clocks were devices everyone was born with. They acted as a sort of timer on the inside of your wrist. When your timer hit z...

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