Nico di Angelo and the Fallen King -Book Two of the Two Dark Lords Series-

Nico di Angelo and the Fallen King -Book Two of the Two Dark Lords Series-

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After a life changing and magical year at Hogwarts, Nico sadly returns to camp half-blood. Although he misses the school of witchcraft and wizardry dearly, he is happy to see his friends again... especially a certain son of Apollo. But when the time comes for Nico, Will, Viktor and Fleur to meet up for their cruise, the two wizards insist that they pick Nico up at camp. There's only one problem with that plan...

Viktor and Fleur still have no idea that Nico isn't really a wizard. 

Naturally, Nico and his friends at Hogwarts are destined to meet again. But with a war brewing in the wizarding world, and an old enemy of Nico's returning to take revenge, how can our hero possibly remain undercover. And how will he be able to protect Harry, destroy horcruxes and defeat his old enemy without failing?

One thing is for certain, this just may be Nico's biggest and most dangerous adventure so far.

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Stichthecat Stichthecat May 30
😂😂the stoll brothers and the Weasley twins vs. Umbrige 😂😂
_ReadingQueen_ _ReadingQueen_ Jun 10, 2016
I think we'll finally be having a little more mix of Greek Mythology and since there are many kings in Greek mythology I wouldn't be able to pinpoint the exact king. But yes Minos is a possibility
Jianna3960 Jianna3960 Jul 05, 2016
OH YES NEEKS!!!!!!! WAY TO BE AWSOME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆
_ReadingQueen_ _ReadingQueen_ Jun 10, 2016
I swear that is exactly what I say to people who think he should be sadder
I'm supposed to be sleeping and am trying not to laugh and ended up snorting thanks
midnight-write midnight-write Aug 11, 2016
Will and Nico also are dating bc it is written in The Apollo Trials