}{Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts}{ My Twisted High School Romance

}{Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts}{ My Twisted High School Romance

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Scary Girl By ChesireCatXIII Completed

}{Reader Insert. Fantasy school life. BOC's. Some characters will be OC now and again}{

Listening. Not something you do when reading. What happens when your friend tricks you into doing a teaching job at Haniel Academy for the Magically Gifted. It was either that or be stuck with an overly-friendly priestess. With your trusty Shadow Wolf; Dire, at your side. You stride forth to be a teacher for S class mages. The strongest of the strong. One problem. Your 15. They're 17. 

However, your advantage happens to be that your one of the seven so called Goddess's. Though your reputation isn't exactly a good one. Being the Goddess of Death and Destruction sure does spread some rumors. How will you cope being surrounded by guys that constantly flirt with you though slowly fall in love with the girl hidden in darkness? It is your turn to decide your destiny, no longer will you be ruled by fate. Who will be your light in the darkness? Who will care for the crying child you are? In who's arms will you find peace?

Take control of your life and decide who will the one you fight for. You are no longer fighting for survival, you are living for those you love. Friendship, love and the will to go on will be tested. Will your broken heart be repaired? Or will it shatter, engulfed forever by darkness?

  • angeal
  • axel
  • demyx
  • genesis
  • riku
  • roxas
  • saix
  • siefer
  • sora
  • terra
  • tidus
  • vaan
  • vanitas
  • ventus
  • zack
  • zexion
                              Yuffie is best girl. 'Nuff said.
                              At this point when I personally use something like 'she said taking your hand' I put a comma in between like 'she said, taking your hand.' but that would look like I'm abusing commas so. Its not a bad thing.
*you were definitely **you weren't looking forward to
                              Ah, Dire. The adorable loving wolf who somehow gains some kind of mysterious edge after a mishap with a spell. Seriously, dire. You've been her companion ever since, don't tell me you still planned on betraying her. Jeez...
markedheart markedheart Jul 31, 2016
Sebastian Michalist (I don't know how to spell his last name ;-;) better be here too. XD
SirensSilentSong SirensSilentSong Apr 28, 2016
I feel like a horrible person saying this and I'm really am super sorry but a lot if your "was"'s should be "were" otherwise this is an amazing story! Please don't hate me I'm just trying to be helpful. 😥
MangakaGamer MangakaGamer Jan 02, 2016
Duckass, get the f*ck out of Vincent's body and return to Naruto.
MangakaGamer MangakaGamer Jan 02, 2016
                              BACK THE F*CKING FIRE TRUCK UP!!!
                              THIS IS THE MEPHISTO PHELES FROM BLUE EXORCIST!!!!