The alpha player I'm his Luna (unedited)

The alpha player I'm his Luna (unedited)

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Ghost girl By Mayasmummy Completed


Book 1 

Luka is the alpha of the Luna pack the bad boy player of his school but what will he do when he meets his mate for the first time

Selina is the daughter of alpha Greg, what will she do when she meets her mate for the first time  

As the bad boy player meets his mate he starts to play games with her but how long can he keep it up for.

As the goody to shoes Selina meets her mates she is ignores him but how long tell will she keep telling her that he is not for her

  • complicating
  • games
  • player
rosehunter62 rosehunter62 Apr 23, 2017
i like your writing in most books you don't get the alphas son or bad boy pov
VHThompson VHThompson Feb 05, 2016
Okay so far not bad, but I would suggest reading it over for spelling mistakes or even getting an editor. I just got one myself...and I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I do like the idea of the book so far!
Jen0889 Jen0889 Sep 27, 2016
Oh boy...I feel bad for you once reality the same time as I see you are a little mischievous I hope he gets a good lesson too. 😈
VHThompson VHThompson Feb 05, 2016
Just thought I'd let you know of a spelling mistake, or if it autocorrected. It's "of course" not cause. The meaning becomes completely different in a sentence depending on which word you use.
Mayasmummy Mayasmummy Feb 05, 2016
Thank you for point this out I don't have a editor of yet though I am looking for one as this book is probably one of the best ones I've done so far