Bully + Nerd = Love

Bully + Nerd = Love

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Nutella Queen!!!!! Bow down Bitches!!!!! By NutellahQueen Completed

(WARNING! Don't read this peace of crap! I made it up when I was.. like... 14? Still, it sucks 'cause I didn't give a shit about grammar but now I do. I will eventually edit it once I finish editing my other works. Bad comment? Get the hell out. Remember I was 14. Either way, ignoring this warning? Read at our own risk.)

Magenta is a 17 year old talented girl with lots of problems. 1st prob. She gets bullied. 2nd prob. It's everyday. 3rd prob. her parents are out of the picture and she has to raise her little siblings all on her own. She can do it just fine. But what happens when she blows up in school at the famous asshole Tyler?
Tyler is a werewolf. And his mate is Magenta. He's been picking on her for a long time now, trying to get her attention. But it's not working. What happens when he crosses the line? Will Magenta reject him without knowing it? Or will she give him a chance? One that will decide his fate.

Cover made by @@afrankel1010

Why did they call her a fag I'm pretty sure she's straight. And at the same time "fag" isn't a word you should be throwing around. Honestly it's degrading, rude and seriously wrong to call someone that.
Honestly I don't know what U were really trying to do cuz it wasn't trying to accomplish into getting her attention 😑
I can't. I live these guys already. 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Her parents left her money. So it's not like she have to work she just want to feel independent and add more money
That's not the way you express your love to someone 
                              Making their life messerable? your making them hate you.....