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The Bad Boys little Fighter (completed)

The Bad Boys little Fighter (completed)

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Burning_Embers__ By Burning_Embers__ Completed

The Bad Boys Little Fighter
Two people that seem so different, but are they really? 
Luka Knight, the bad boy of the school. The gang leader. The one person you don't want to cross when on a dark street alone.
Anastasia Fray, the nerd and quite little girl of the school, but she has a secret. She's an underground fighter, and a great one at that. With a dark past and an uncertain future she doesn't trust and won't tell anyone what's going on in her life. She's closed off and hidden in her oversized clothes and a camera she never puts down.
When these two meet they automatically feel something for each other, but with Anastasias past and fights and Lukas gang and his own past, will they ever fall in love? Will they be able to love each other when neither of them believe in the word at all? Or will their pasts catch up with them and tear them apart? Will they be able to trust one another and believe that they can fight for their love, or will they let the world batter and beat them to death? Find out as you read "The Bad Boys Little Fighter."

jessie180 jessie180 May 25
                              I read this book and the second one Twice. Please update the second book.
zainaAliA zainaAliA Mar 16
The first chapter has too many boring details that I'm sleepy .. the idea or story of this book is amazing i hope the rest of the book is better
My eyes are blue-ish but I have Central Heterochromia so they are a slightly different colour in the centre... and the limbus' (I don't know the plural) are different shades... :P
OK so if her natural hair color is black how can you even put temporary dye in it, it wouldn't show up without bleaching the hair first right?
@Burning_Embers__ I love the imagery in the first paragraph!! <3 <3
Thesalt44 Thesalt44 Jun 14
My eyes are green with a caramel colored ring around my pupils, but they constantly change color from bright green, to brown, to black, and sometimes hazel. My pupils change size a lot also and are naturally different sizes