The Tale of the 12 Legends

The Tale of the 12 Legends

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"Since you guys are tired," the man who was sitting besides the one who seemed lost spoke up again. "Have you ever heard the Tale of the 12 Men?" He asked them.

Kyungsoo and Jongdae's eyes widened at the mention of the name. "I've heard of the name, but dont know the story" Jongdae sighed as ZiTao cowarded behind his arm.

"Would you like to know it?" The man asked again.

"Sure" they answered but Sehun made a face.

"Hyungs, I bet its going to be lame" Sehun said to them.

"Trust me you'll end up liking it at the end. Besides its very important." The man smiled and took a deep breath

This is already so amazing like I wish it was longer😣😆
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Careless careless shot anonymous anonymous heartless mindless no one who care about meeee.....xD