My 13 Crazy Brothers

My 13 Crazy Brothers

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Paige_1375 By Paige_1375 Updated Sep 27, 2017

Camrynne Holmes is your average tomboy. It's hard not to be when you have 13 active, energetic brothers making your life more loud, crazy and of course fun and loving. Camrynne and her brothers love living out in the country side of Australia, lots of room to run around and play sports. 

But when their mother gets a huge job opportunity that will pay her more money to care for the family, her big family moves to the big city. The Holmes family experiences a lot of change when they move to California. A new house, new school, new friends. They must leave their life behind and start new. 

Camrynne meets a boy at her new school....... Her brothers don't like it when they start hanging out all the time. They worry that she's morphing into a girly-girl and they'll lose the sister they always knew. 

One move affected a whole lot............

  • brothers
  • crazy
  • family
  • hate
  • love
  • move
  • tomboy
SteamFaun12 SteamFaun12 Jan 04
It is so hard to read this story because my last name is Holmes. Also I have a family with triplits, twins, and Quads. So I imigane them getting hurt. It always sucks.
Nyelio Nyelio Oct 04, 2017
So much people 👨‍👨‍👦 the parents have been working 😉
When it came to the Hunter being asleep and in a concussion I screamed. I know its only a story but in real life your not allowed to sleep for over 6-7 hours because if you sleep ypu might never wake up
Oreolover3300 Oreolover3300 Jan 04, 2016
Can't wait until you update again the book sounds awesome so far.
Rarefan Rarefan Nov 23
Same here... but we are not 13 boys and one girl... i have 4 brothers... and that is more than enough lol
Lifefox Lifefox Oct 27
Um.. Where is the third triplet? Or is it was suppose to be twins?