The vampires human mate

The vampires human mate

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Callie is just an ordinary shy girl that's sweet,kind,beautiful,innocent,and especially human.

Callie moves to New York beacause of her parents death.she soon starts at a new high school and immediately meets a lot of new people along the way

Christian is not just an ordinary guy he has always been the badboy of every school he gone to since he was in preschool.years later when he is about to start highschool he had to move to Pennsylvania because he about to turn into a vampire.for years he trained to be one and one day he decided to come back because he wanted to find his mate.

He was told that vampires have mates so he wanted to find his and that when Callie comes in and She is his mate.christian becomes very possessive of her.can Callie try to ignore the sexy vampire or will she just give in.well she is in for a bumpy ride.

  • callie
  • christian
  • love
  • mates
  • possessive
  • romance
  • vampire
Lost_and_Fallen Lost_and_Fallen May 14, 2016
Well he is obviously a vampire. Whole else would suck your blood?
snowcat2022 snowcat2022 Jun 22, 2016
Ok so he could be a vampire but he could have Like that weird mate thing going on Like werewolves I mean you never know he could be a hybrid
Snitkiflu101 Snitkiflu101 Nov 11, 2016
I've heard of this show many times but i never actually watched it
j-orenda j-orenda Feb 28, 2016
Huh but how old is sam then? Is she 18? But callie is 15 and they are in the same class, how is that possible?
Loumacca1 Loumacca1 Jan 03, 2017
I went to high school when i was 11 and I'm in year 9 I'm 14
Misstheball Misstheball Mar 31, 2016
Srysly this girl just met him. Mate or No Mate Where is urgent self respect girl??