The Arrangement (Sterek/Steter, boyxboy, Mpreg)

The Arrangement (Sterek/Steter, boyxboy, Mpreg)

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Stale Hale By adult_disneyprincess Completed

Stiles Stilinski knows what to expect from life, he comes from a good home which means that his life will be spent learning how to be a good husband before he has babies to carry on the family line, and knows that his father has someone in mind. 

When he's finally told that he's going to be married, he rebels right into the arms of the mysterious new stable boy. But will this affair last? Or will Stiles find himself falling for the husband that fate chose for him?

*boyxboy,eventually mpreg, historical fiction*

  • arranged
  • birth
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  • historical
  • love
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  • mature
  • mild
  • mpreg
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  • violence
Limelight_Cas Limelight_Cas Dec 18, 2015
*bursts through the doors* I'm here, my loves. Hope I'm not late *sits in the front row with some skittles* I'm ready for this adventure!