Searching For You (TW/TMR Fusion)

Searching For You (TW/TMR Fusion)

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X.O By GoShootMeDead Updated Jul 29, 2017

WICKED was an illegal organisation which captured teenagers and used them for experimentation. 
Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho and the rest of the Gladers had just escaped from the Maze and were facing a mind-controlled Gally when a bunch of people burst in and arrested the Creators. In the commotion, the Gladers were separated and each had the memory-wipes reversed. 

The Gladers were sent to their respective families and were prevented from meeting with each other again. 

Now, Stiles was struggling to cope with everything that had happened while feeling increasingly irritated with how his friends and family were treating him as though he was going to break any second. He missed the Gladers.

Will he ever find them again? 

Can he heal before losing himself? 

Warnings: Allusions to PTSD, mentions of character death.
Also, this story will contain SLASH. You have been warned. Don't like, don't read.

Pairing: Thomas/Newt. Past Stiles/Derek

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onlygayshipsinmydock onlygayshipsinmydock Jun 11, 2017
That picture reminds me of the power puff girls 😂😂❤️💙💚
booster224 booster224 Feb 17, 2017
@Vortex7 @GoShootMeDead this is an awesome prolog I love TW TMR 😍
Lizzielizzie12 Lizzielizzie12 Feb 20, 2017
At first I was confused but then I was
                              OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!!
booster224 booster224 Feb 17, 2017
@Vortex7 @GoShootMeDead love the chapter, I've read a ton of fanfics about TW and I hate when Stiles just forgives the pack, after what they did to him. Love the twist
Tarlys2 Tarlys2 Feb 17, 2017
@Tarlys2 @GoShootMeDead 
                              A well written chapter giving a great description of the character and his situation, just loving it, going as per as I had expected.
Tarlys2 Tarlys2 Feb 17, 2017
@GoShootMeDead @Tarlys2
                              Quite a good and intriguing start to a fan fiction, this is the first fanfic I am reading and it got me caught up. When a story ends many people don't find an ending and they remain in discombobulation. I think your fanfic will remove that condition for me :)