Expect No Mercy

Expect No Mercy

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♥ TaylorJane ♥ By hellotaylorjane Updated Mar 06

"You're not going to run?"

Her voice shocked me. It was so angelic, every word sounding musical and like honey. It wasn't vicious in the least bit. The way she spoke sounded sweet and gentle, as if she wasn't about to kill me.

"No," I tried to reply, though it was barely a whisper. 

Somehow, she heard me. Her lips turning into a genuine smile, but even the sight of that didn't distract me from her eyes, which were slowly turning from black to red. The bloody color swirled in her pitch black orbs, until they were fully dominated by the striking glow, making it obvious she wasn't human. But I already established that.

In the blink of an eye, she wasn't six feet away from me anymore. She was close enough to touch, her body pressed up against mine as I felt her small cold hand caress the crook of my neck.

I swallowed, trying to say something, but my throat was too dry to speak. I couldn't even sum up a single thought as she leaned in, her nose running along my neck as she inhaled.

"Mmmm," she murmured, her head leaving my neck as she looked up to face me.

"Don't be scared, human," she caressed my cheek, the coldness making me shiver. Her tongue dampened her lips, which gave me perfect view of the elongated teeth that were now there, "It won't hurt for long."

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JoyPlaysRoblox JoyPlaysRoblox Jul 10, 2016
This beginning totally got me hooked! I'm excited to read this. Followed you!
TriciaDehler TriciaDehler Mar 06, 2014
You know how to really draw an audience in. Instantly you got me hooked!
bookadictforever bookadictforever Nov 25, 2013
Your story sounds good so far. You are Canadian are you not? Cues you said Eh and it not Stereo typical we do say it but only after Questioning sentences. Lol
TomPendley TomPendley Oct 29, 2013
It's bear not bare dear. Sounds like you want us to get naked lol.
                              Just giving you a friendly ribbing.
hellotaylorjane hellotaylorjane Aug 11, 2013
@DontReadThisIGetMad - Hehe. Okay. Whoo. *calms down* That's relieving!!!! ^ ^ 
                              Its an awesome username!! :D 
                              Wow.. You've read all my books???? :'3
IChooseToBeDifferent IChooseToBeDifferent Aug 11, 2013
@RolyatEnaj_ lol no, im not mad XD just thought that it might be a funny username ;P yes I think you're an amazing writer and I've read all your books... keep going!!