The BadGirl V.S The BadBoy

The BadGirl V.S The BadBoy

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ElinorCHall By ElinorCHall Updated Apr 04

She is the badgirl in a new town who knows a lot about boxing and all types of fighting, has piercings, tattoos, is a prankster, Smokes, party's. She has a bad past she is Zoey young.

He is the BadBoy he knows every type of fighting he has tattoos he is a prankster he smokes goes to party's A player. Everything you could think of about a BadBoy.
He is Jessie Hayden 

What will happen when they cross paths? 

Read on to see what happens.


This is my first book and I will try to edit but I might Not just because it is my first book so yep. There will probably be grammar mistakes so if there is you can put it in the comment if you want.

Hi I'm English and I don't know allot about American schools, but I would like to make a cross between the too.

Like I said this is my first book so yep if you do like it say it in the comments but if you don't say in a nice way in the comments but I honestly don't really care so yeah :)

P.S The description is really crap, but the story is better... I think... Oh and this contains swearing (For Americans, cussing) so you have been warned.

Places maybe made up and no copyright has been breached

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Angie30237 Angie30237 Apr 20, 2017
I'd be in hot topic its the only store i actually like shopping at,  otherwise i hate shopping
yodaears yodaears Jan 20, 2017
Lol I dont know how I read cops but I was like " wait what , we can get arrested for a food fight "
yodaears yodaears Jan 20, 2017
Lol I would've been like " NOOO I dont wanna waste my food " *sobs* "poor food" *joins food fight*
EditorInTheSix EditorInTheSix Apr 14, 2016
What if they're using her for her money too? Cause like they waited to go with her...I guess we'll just have to wait and see?
54catbubble 54catbubble May 31, 2016
Get a sence of humuor man! And if a burger came flying at me face i would open my mouth and start eating it! (;
clarissa_olivas01 clarissa_olivas01 Dec 30, 2015
My mean assistant principal got hit in the face with a burger, by my friend in 7th grade, it was HILARIOUS