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A Fresh Start - An Abhigya Love Story by lilpanda12345
A Fresh Start - An Abhigya Love St...by xo
An Abhigya love story, 20 years later after they were seperated! Read to watch how fate, their three daughters and their families bring them back together... Will two en...
Miss Malfoy by AspiringAuthor25
Miss Malfoyby Kirsty
*READ BOOK ONE FIRST* Sequel to Bella Narcissa Malfoy. With Bella's mum dead her dad, Draco Malfoy must make a difficult choice. Send her back to Hogwarts and look for...
20 Years Later... by KittyKat014773
20 Years Later...by Kit.
Adrien is still looking for Marinette. Twenty years later, it looks like she disappeared off the face of the Earth. Ladybug was no comfort, either, as she died around th...
20 Years Later : An Abhigya Love Story by lilpanda12345
20 Years Later : An Abhigya Love S...by xo
My old account- user300402 cannot be accessed! Different story from the real showw!! A modern day love story:) Hope you guys enjoyy! Same characters from show and some n...
Minkus {•Riarkle•} by LoveLaniLane
Minkus {•Riarkle•}by Lani Nicole
When Riley, Farkle, Maya, and Lucas are all blasted twenty years ahead of time, they befriend someone who is directly involved with their future. While trying to find a...
Suite life on deck later on by MialeeCline
Suite life on deck later onby Titanicfan101
This story takes place 20 years after the suite life on deck graduation!!!!!!!
20 Years Later by arin_is_salty247
20 Years Laterby Arin Fair
The story that takes place 20 years in the future. Mostly just random shit that could happen. Be prepared. (September 24, 2020 - Sooooo I decide to republish this for no...
Wands and Witches: Hogwarts, 20 years later by MsAvaD
Wands and Witches: Hogwarts, 20 ye...by MsAvaD
There is always something going on in the wizarding world but this time something dark is rising again though it might change the fate of everyone one's life, life still...
Beauty The Beast by DragonGem112
Beauty The Beastby Dr. Agon
Okay sooooo my favorite book of all time is the school for good and evil ,so yeah it's about 20 years later Tagatha landed and they had a son but let's talk about our he...
(The Queens Sister)  Book 2 to A Princess at Heart (discontinued) by trinitiigonzalez
(The Queens Sister) Book 2 to A P...by trinitiigonzalez
Grace or Luna has been trapped on the moon for 20 years. But now she has enough energy to bring herself back. Can one of the boys bring her back?
My Fandom Characters/OCs by arin_is_salty247
My Fandom Characters/OCsby Arin Fair
Since I'm obsessed with a lot of fandoms, I made OC's. This is more of a reference for my own stories I may or may not write, or for my friends who are writing stories...
finding ourselves by bpdsuffering
finding ourselvesby bpdsuffering.
20 years have gone by since the notorious class of 1A graduated. most of them moving on to be pretty well off heroes. sadly. aoyama and mineta weren't able to make it to...
The Stars Beyond by readingirl1616
The Stars Beyondby readingirl1616
Nina is working in her sister's booth twenty years after Levana's fall. Her life is mostly simple. That is, until she is commed to the palace. It's all uphill from there.
2040 (The Serum Saga - Book 3) by 9X1_Stories
2040 (The Serum Saga - Book 3)by 9X1 Stories
It's 2040 and what's left of 9X1 has gathered to attend the funeral of Mr Bell.
Beautiful Creatures: 20 Days Left |DISCONTINUED FOR NOW| by --phie
Beautiful Creatures: 20 Days Left...by soph--
//discontinued indefinitely\\ CASTER CHRONICLES FANFIC 'THE RETURNING' TRILOGY BOOK TWO There are only twenty days left. Can they make it? THIS SUCKS. I KNOW. PLEASE DON...
Beautiful Creatures: 20 Years Later by --phie
Beautiful Creatures: 20 Years Laterby soph--
CASTER CHRONICLES FANFIC THING. Lila Jane and Macon Duchannes - twins, and the children of the well known Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes. They're about to be thrown into...
A Wedding Gift by writer_hijabi
A Wedding Giftby Rishana Faisal
What is the best wedding gift you can give someone ? Read this true story about the most precious wedding gift a bride received.
Endure & Survive | THE LAST OF US 🖋 by RaeMurphy
Endure & Survive | THE LAST OF US...by Rae.Writes.Fantasy
Set before and during the outbreak of the Cordyceps virus in September of 2013.