The Stars And All The Rest

The Stars And All The Rest

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A Steven Universe human AU

Pearl knows her place. It's to try to avoid the cruel words of other girls. And living through the year would be nice too.

Opal knows hers to. She needs to protect her sister, no matter what she has to sacrifice. Even her friends.

Lapis has a deadly secret to keep, one that gives her even more of a reason to be her family's enemy number one.

Amethyst has been unwanted, abused, and betrayed. And she's nit ready to let that go so easily.

And then there's Peridot.  She could pull the strings on these girls. But she has more pressing matters to attend to.

These girls have one thing in common. They're all likely targets. The enemy? Their own friends and family.

Technically speaking, this book isn't rated mature, but it's definitely 13+ for language, violence, and subject matter.

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LapisLover LapisLover Dec 07, 2015
I added this to my own reading list.
                              SO READ THIS GOD DAMNIT!