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Possible Sinner ☯ TWD

Possible Sinner ☯ TWD

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amanda By angelfvce Updated Jul 04, 2016

Nathan Winterwood is a teenage boy with an unmentioned past during the zombie apocalypse. He's been on his own most his life, and when he's fully alone in this world he continues to fend for himself. The only thing different is that he didn't expect to be a part of something. A part of a group.

When Rick and Daryl find the teenager, they of course asked the infamous three questions they have to know the answers to before anybody could be a part of them. They're surprised when Nathan was a lone survivor in the middle of the woods, someone that young wouldn't be expected to live on in the shitty world it is now. 

Nathan was hesitant in accepting Rick's offer in joining their group back at their camp. He wasn't much of a people person, being used to being a bit of a loner and all, fending for only himself. However, when he does agree to join them, he finds security, care, warmth for once in his life. 

That is until all their safety goes down the drain and they're into more deep shit, struggling for survival.

[ season 4 -- ]

DISCLAIMER: I do not in any way shape or form own The Walking Dead. I also don't own any gifs that I add. I only own Nathan, any pictures I add that have MY username on it, and any plot lines of my own.

WARNING : This will contain explicit language, violence, and mentions of abuse. It will also contain a future homosexual relationship; if you do not like that, then do not read--that simple.

Mrs_BizzleBieber Mrs_BizzleBieber Nov 05, 2016
I love how Nathan is played by Robbie, aka Peter😍👌🏻
smallnugget34 smallnugget34 Jun 09, 2016
Peter is just......
                              There aren't enough adjectives to describe his awesomeness accurately.
heythereimsamsam heythereimsamsam Oct 10, 2016
tbh if i was in the apocalypse and it was either eat a twinkie or starve to death; i'd choose the latter
- - Nov 30, 2015
sinisteux sinisteux Nov 29, 2015
This is a good idea, and original which is hard to come by and exactly what I like
- - Nov 29, 2015
im so excited to read this, mands! but i need to catch up on season 4 like now!