Is Love Really Worth Dying For? -Carl x Reader-

Is Love Really Worth Dying For? -Carl x Reader-

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"It had to be done (Y/N)!"

I started feeling the tears flood my eyes. I dropped to my knees, dropping my gun and covering my face with my hands. He came over to try to help me up but I pushed him away. 

"Get away from me! How could you do that?!" I screamed at him through my cries. 


Still crying I shook my head and started running in another direction still hearing people firing. I wanted to get away. Away from the prison. Carl. Everything. He wouldn't have hurt me if he loved me. I started thinking as I was running. 

'What if he's in trouble? What if he needs my help? Would I want to risk my life for the person I thought loved me? Is love really worth dying for?'

-Ok! So this book is probably going to be a disaster but this is my first xreader so don't hate. Or if you do try to be nice about it thanks xp

This STORY is not fully completed meaning it continues in my other book so the story shall go on!

(As you read the storyline and details get better. I wasn't too well at writing when I started this but my writing does get better.)


Everything that happens and the dialogue that is said (Except for the small parts I make up) I hand full credit to AMC's The Walking Dead 

All Characters (Except for the characters I make up -(Y/N), Gabrielle, Kiara, and Gwyn-) I hand full credit to AMC's The Walking Dead

I don't recommend this book for kids under 13 seeing as this book may include violence, and slight swearing. 

Hope you enjoy x3

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I doubt it’s Daryl. I like your fanfic I really do but when I read some other ones like Bradley Simpson the reader always has to be a relative if one of the band mates. Why can’t it be like bumping into them on accident. GREAT START
Dads on a hunting trip, and he hasn't been home in a few days
I love how triggered people are, I’m 13 and almost 14 but I don’t care. I’d much rather be 12 my life seemed so much more simple😂
foxylover49 foxylover49 May 07
My first period is social studies. Also, would this be reading or english because I don't have ELA together
This is my Third Time Reading this, and I still smile when I read this
CookiesRUs CookiesRUs Feb 03
Oh, regular school. I remember that... (I’m in online schooling, atm).