[HOLD] A Not So Gentle Giant(Attack on Titan X Titan!Reader)

[HOLD] A Not So Gentle Giant(Attack on Titan X Titan!Reader)

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imjustgoose By imjustgoose Updated Jul 10, 2017

Basically, you're a Titan. Your past is unknown and you have special Titan traits! This book will unlock your shadowy background and open up a whole new world for the humans who hide behind their walls.

Hey guys!

This book will be republished when it's been improved and every detail is sorted out. Check me out on Ao3 (imjustgoose) for a K-Project fanfic I'm working on and add me on PSN! (imjustgoose)

Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys soon for the new and improved "A Not-So Gentle Giant"

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Haimez Haimez Jul 08, 2017
I would prolly look for it then call you crazy while looking for it
707BooperDooper707 707BooperDooper707 Mar 18, 2017
Black hair 
                              One Dark brown/almost black eye
                              Tanned skin
SomeMessedUpPotato SomeMessedUpPotato Mar 30, 2017
Candy mountain? Come on Chaaaaaarlie let go to candy mountain. Yeah candy mountain Chaaaarlie . Will you two stop I'm not going to candy mountain!
                              *time skip at candy mountain* 
                              Charlie:guys, GUYS? Góddamit my kidney is gone
iiinsomniiiac iiinsomniiiac Apr 19, 2017
Black hair fading to blue 
                              Greyish blue and red eyes with specks of silver .3.
A001102 A001102 Jul 08, 2017
Long Black and white hair(like Haise)aqua green and red eyes....not bad...
1-800-cafe-universe 1-800-cafe-universe Jun 13, 2017
And he does the same thing lays on my phonebook or paper and won't move until I pet him for like ten minutes LMAO rn