Tadashi x Reader: TO BURN

Tadashi x Reader: TO BURN

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"Tadashi Hamada get your lazy ass up we have school in thirty minutes." you grabbed a pillow from the ground and chucked it at the lump underneath the sheets. You heard a faint groan, "Dashi. We are in college, it is 12 o'clock. Get up." you stared at the lump and heard it squeak like a five year old boy, "No."

You rolled your eyes and grabbed a sharpie from Hiro's desk. "Dashi if you don't get up I will pin you down and give you a unibrow." His head popped up like a rabbit and stared at the sharpie in your hand. His confused face slowly turned into a smile, "You wouldn't." you walked towards him and took the lid off, "Try me."

He gave you a devilish smirk and flipped the covers over his head. You jumped up on the bed and straddled the lump on the bed. "Come on Tadaaashi." you flipped the covers up and brought they sharpie closer to his face, "Don't make me do this Dashi." 
With one swift move he flipped you on to the other side of the bed and got out of bed.

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