Brave [OHSHC] [Mori]

Brave [OHSHC] [Mori]

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♥ I.C ♥ By Izabelacchi Completed


  She's brave. Despite her weak heart. Despite being lonely.
  She's brave. Even if it costs her, her life to make someone happy.
  She's brave. Despite everything bad in her little world.
  She's brave. When she falls in love. Even though having a overload of feelings, even though feeling the best feeling there is could..
  cost her , her life.
  When a blank faced man visits the hospital and meets her. The brave girls life changes forever.
  In the best and worst possible way.
  [A tragic love story about a girl with a weak heart and a boy with a strong one. This story will have fewer chapters then the others I've made. Please enjoy.  This story is to celebrate over 500 followers.]

  [EDIT: Thank you all for reading this story!! I never thought it'd get as popular as it did, and to think this idea just came from reading the manga 5 centimeters per second. How? I have no idea, ahah.]

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blackrukh blackrukh Apr 19, 2017
I already know it's going to be one of those cliches where he gives her his heart
blackrukh blackrukh Apr 19, 2017
Honestly this kind of disappoints me. My health is just as bad as the character but I always say it could worse. Look at the positive instead of the negative. (I had brain surgery recently)
MiaWriter05 MiaWriter05 Apr 17, 2017
Hey if you can read this while listening to beautiful pain! It's really good!
schist_happens_ schist_happens_ Nov 12, 2017
I don’t know why I’m putting myself through this pain again. But let’s reread!
moonflowrr moonflowrr Jun 22, 2017
The cast members thing XD 
                              Takashi- A Hot Dude
                              XDD I'M WEAK!!
trash_author trash_author Jul 30, 2017
Your lie in April!!! Why I've been damaged enough from watching that show! But I still love this soooo I'll keep reading