A House Is Not A Home.   OHSHC Fanfic

A House Is Not A Home. OHSHC Fanfic

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Kimmie Moore By Duck2222 Updated Jan 28

is like a cave.

Every sound echo's.
Every movement shakes.
Every image remains.

Hibiki, a new transfer, has to toughen up and join the host club, or have the cave collapse in on itself.

That's all I can do.
To help the little ones. 
I care for them and only them.
Must keep running.
For them.'

im_soooo_bored im_soooo_bored Jul 30, 2016
Oh now I know what they do the aunt fosters them but except the whole adoption thing they live with them like normal children
ImJustABastard ImJustABastard Jul 24, 2016
Taiga the tiger gonna say "rawr".
                              Lol I'm so random excuse me xD
Crystaleye3 Crystaleye3 Jan 23
if my research is correct that's a day after hikaru and kaoru
im_soooo_bored im_soooo_bored Jul 30, 2016
Ohhhhh so this is how it all started with KnB 😵😱😵😱😵😱😵😱😱😨😨😨
levy_mcgarden_899 levy_mcgarden_899 May 14, 2016
An orphanage or a foster home... With lots of other children, so probably an orphanage
RinTheKoala RinTheKoala Sep 19, 2016
Naruto: RAMEN?!? WHERE?!?
                              Me: Wrong show naruto this is OHSHC not naruto, go back to konoha