The Vacation (Destiel/Sabriel/Micifer)

The Vacation (Destiel/Sabriel/Micifer)

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Michael, Castiel and Gabriel go on a vacation with Michael's boyfriend, Lucifer, and Sam & Dean Winchester.

Contains Extreme:

*The characters and pictures don't belong to me*

Enjoy ;)

Honestly me in first grade after I was done fighting a hoe for the red crayon
bellz400 bellz400 6 hours ago
I’m just gonna comment cause there’s 99 comment.
                              I need to be satisfied
" His eyes were a vivid blue, almost......  " Looks at the camera. " Unnatural.... "
I read your description and just read 'warning' . You scared me, I thought it's something like self harming and whatever (always a risk for me to read those kind of stories) and then I see sabriel, michifer, destiel and was like : oh okay lol :D
Priyakun Priyakun Jul 13
I have A MASSIVE crush on a dude same old as my mother AND CASSASS
Me when I see my best friend. I'm basically Dean and she is Cas... minor problem she is as straight as a line... I'm dying... why?...