The Vacation (Destiel/Sabriel/Micifer)

The Vacation (Destiel/Sabriel/Micifer)

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AngelOfTheLord_101 By AngelOfTheLord_101 Completed

Michael, Castiel and Gabriel go on a vacation with Michael's boyfriend, Lucifer, and Sam & Dean Winchester.

Contains Extreme:

*The characters and pictures don't belong to me*

Enjoy ;)

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The_Devil_Lucifer The_Devil_Lucifer Dec 29, 2017
Uh, hell is way nicer than school. Purgatory is worse, but still not as bad as school.
ondrayaK2217 ondrayaK2217 Nov 06, 2017
I thought it said "I am eleven" 😂😂😂 i am entirely too tired
everyone's here hating on purgatory and i low key wanna just hide out in purgatory and get myself killed 'by accident'
cutesuki2 cutesuki2 Oct 06, 2017
He was smoking so he was hot like hot or like your mom hot?(sorry but they were begging me to do it)
PuellaBellator PuellaBellator Oct 22, 2017
If I ever messed with Castiel I would probably think I was tough and he was weak and helpless until he actually started coming towards me then I would be like "nope im sorry im leaving nope nope"
aleishap123 aleishap123 Dec 03, 2017
I guess you could say he couldn’t get his thoughts straight