Remaining Daylight (#Wattys2016)

Remaining Daylight (#Wattys2016)

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Analynne Ashford By FinallyInfinite Updated Aug 05, 2016

Running from the law with an alleged criminal isn't how Declan Wyatt pictured spending her summer.  It was supposed to be the best summer ever, one last hurrah before she and her friends parted ways for college.  And it would all start off by seeing her favorite band, Remaining Daylight, in concert.

Plans change when Declan gets quite literally thrown into Remaining Daylight's vocalist, Hayden Grace.  It brings on one of the most unbelievable nights of Declan's life.  But then the news surfaces that Hayden beat and raped a girl that very same night.  The internet is ablaze with the scandal, but Declan knows it can't be true.

So, when their paths cross again, Declan makes the impulse decision to accompany him on his run from it all.  While they're gone, they'll prove his innocence.  Since he didn't do it, it has to be possible.  But, what if Hayden isn't the idol that she originally thought?  What if she learns some things she never thought could be true?

And what if she goes down in flames as well?

Credit for the beautiful premade I used for the cover to Pure-Poison89 on deviantart!