My Heart Beats For You [Edward Elric X Reader]

My Heart Beats For You [Edward Elric X Reader]

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From the moment you were born, you were loved unconditionally. Your mother - the one who loved you and stood by you since day one. Your father - a studying state alchemist left the moment you were born. Him and your mother didn't expect you. Your mother called you a beautiful surprise. Your father - didn't even bother looking at you. But your mother's love is all you needed. 

You are a girl full of attitude and you stay positive and respect others (if they offer it back). Yes, you're a sweet girl but if anyone crosses you, you won't hesitate to use all of your strength!


(Y/n): Your name
(F/n): First name
(L/n): Last name
(S/t): Skin Tone
(E/c): Eye Color
(H/c): Hair Color
(H/l): Hair length
(F/c): Favorite Color
(M/n): Mother's Name
(F/n): Father's Name

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AnnaNeill AnnaNeill Jul 29, 2017
Wait the character was 9 when their mother died. They should be 13 now??? Shouldn't they...
SaddenedShortcake SaddenedShortcake Dec 17, 2017
Sports bras are comfortable and no strapping!
                              (But like they sometimes make marks on me while I'm sleeping)
recycled_stardust recycled_stardust Nov 25, 2017
But baby's can't open there eyes for the firsts few weeks...
Tisken Tisken Aug 05, 2017
I literally get so annoyed while putting on a bra. It takes me too long so I just clip it and pull it over my head sometimesx
Is it wrong that I actually love not romantically but he is legit one of my favorite characters