Edward Elric x Reader One-Shots

Edward Elric x Reader One-Shots

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Jay By LilDoodleCat Completed

A collection of One-shots pairing the reader and Edward.
This was one of my first books and it shows my growth as an author throughout. This means two things; there are author's notes that will not be deleted for various reasons, and earlier chapters will not be as well written as later ones.

Requests for one-shots are open until March 1, 2017.(Extended to January 1, 2018) You may request scenarios and/or custom designed one-shots (instead of (y/n) it will be your name and the main character will be you specifically). To request, either leave a comment on any chapter or pm me.


It's funny because Ed and Tamaulipas have the same English VA
I'm so sorry ed I would never want to hurt you and I love you and OMG I'm actually crying irl
0_0 this turned dark wow i'm done thanks for having ed become dead
TheEmoJay TheEmoJay Sep 15
Another Jay I see.....
                              *Shoots you* THerE cAn oNly Be oNe
Dang it !!! The first part of my name is Harm so i dont know what my ship name would be. :( Any suggestions ?
Suga__Daddy Suga__Daddy Jul 31
When I read, "(Y/N) Elric" a bunch of emotions a girl would feel on her period hit me in the face and I started cry out of nowhere.