Edward Elric x Reader One-Shots

Edward Elric x Reader One-Shots

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Li'lHiatusCat By LilDoodleCat Completed

A collection of One-shots pairing the reader and Edward.
This was one of my first books and it shows my growth as an author throughout. This means two things; there are author's notes that will not be deleted for various reasons, and earlier chapters will not be as well written as later ones.

Requests for one-shots are open until further notice.

-Jay <3

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It's funny because Ed and Tamaulipas have the same English VA
I'm so sorry ed I would never want to hurt you and I love you and OMG I'm actually crying irl
0_0 this turned dark wow i'm done thanks for having ed become dead
I love that show. I haven't seen it in so long. The word ghost just always makes me think of Zak Aaron and nick when they would lock themselfs up in a haunted place all night and piss off some ghosts.
He wouldn't do dat doe. He would keep living, for Al. He would get his body back, and live for both of them.
                              (Oml that got deep XD)
TheEmoJay TheEmoJay Sep 15
Another Jay I see.....
                              *Shoots you* THerE cAn oNly Be oNe